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Oh I don't know

Super busy, fb seems to be the only online site that gets any attention anymore and I use it like a twitter. I can't say I don't have anything to update because I have been extremly busy latly. It just seems like My busy has been mighty dull compaired to what it could be.

Managed to get two new jobs a few months back on the exact same day. I was hired by one over the phone and the other I was hired at the interview which I thought was mighty fine. I love them both cause I get to do all my favorite work related things between the two of them. The down side is there are is a whole new world of angry customers that I was opened up to, which oddly enough has made me a more calm person as a whole.

I feel mighty accomplished now a days which I find to be funny. Mostly because I seem to be accomplishing "adult type things", which I have always displaced my self with often forgetting that I myself am an adult. I find that I never seem to do the things I used to love doing, not because I don't have the time but because I find that I have no burning disire to. My ff.net accoutn has gone stale for years now in the middle of two stories that I had take great pride in back in the day. I get messages now and again from some favoriting me or the story and I rememeber that I never finsihed them. The problem is I am never going to finsih them and I am ok with that. I find now a days I am contented to do "grown up things" and am satisfied by a hard days work. I guess we all have to grow up sometimes.

I bring this up only because I happened to be surffing the web on my break and I stumpled upon an old website I had not seen in years. I read through some of the "updated information" and I found myself saying out loud "hey good for them". I know if it had been a few years back I would have been squirming in my seat or some other uncomfortable position thinking about it and brooding or mulling over all of it, but I find that now I am so content with life and how things have worked out that I can honest to god say "I am very happy for you". I just find it unfortunate that they don't seem to be able to do the same. Ah well to each his own.

Well my lovelies I can saftly say thing will probably be my last post on my beloved LJ. It brings back a lot of memeories having it for so many years. I will remember it and you all fondly.


Norway has made the not so difficult desision to leave the nortic 5. Norway feels there are bigger and better things, and thoughs things don't envolve late night drunkin phone calls, being woken up early, being the perpetual "5th" wheel, or being the victim of a badly played out game of "grab ass" at inappropriate times during world meetings. Due to recent events Norway feels a bit used and under appreciated, and is submitting a letter of resignation from the albino club of the north. Its not like they need 5 people to play bridge anyways. Norway is already looking at a prime spot off the cost of the yucatan where it is warm and some color can be had. There are also talks with Canada in the bathroom after lunch about balancing off the Americas on the right hand side.... Like Alaska... Mmmmm maple syrup. Norway is planning on announcing its departure in a world meeting. Norway hopes this will lessen the beat down from a certain nortic axe wheilder. Norway would like to take this time to apologize to the nations that this move might effect negativly, but to be frank, Norway doesn't give a rats rump.Norway suggests the contents of its nation be quiet and get their butts in the car.

Thank you,


Due to reasons un anounced...


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This Journal is friends only <3

Comment to be added I will more then happily Do so!
First of all
"SUNNYDELIGHT... it tastes so good.. I almost felt bad about doing it, but then he took a drink and I just smiled"

Ok so only one person will really know what that means. But its been pawing at the back of my head for some time now and <3 it makes me feel all warma nd fuzzy.. ok not really it just makes me laugh.

So I went ahead and called her.

I'm not sure what made me do it... or what I wanted from the whole thing. Maybe I just wanted closer or something I had the perfect speach in my head all planned out.. what I wanted to say, and the questions I wanted to ask. But when I heard her voice I forgot everything. If felt kind of dumb stumbling over my words, cause usually I have plenty to say, especailly when some one has hurt me as bad as she did. Over all it was a good conversation and I'm glad we had it. Its one I had been puttin goff for a long time, I still don't agree with everything she is doing but asleast I don't have that angry knot in my chest anymore. I'm not sure what will come of it, if we can be friends agin but at least its one more thing I don't have to worry about. That thing she is with how ever... well I'm not going to go there.

Arugh, I swaer this drama that I have made a huge effort to stay out of.. ie, changing schools, homes, citys, work, hang outs, what ever. Always seems to fallow me. Even with people I haven't seen or heard from in years. How pathetic must thier lives be to focus that much on what i'm doing? Man their lives must be boring and uneventfull if all they can do it bitch about me. If my life was that dull, I would want to kill myself. ^_^ Thankfully I have a life (and a pretty good one at that) So I can manage to entertain myslef long enough to not gossip and angst over other peoples lives.

Well now..

Lets try and actully update... o.0

SO yeah new car, Iv had it since noon yesterday. *hearts and start* My mother refers to it as the enterprise cause the Onstar lady sounds like the computer. And It has a car phone so people can call my car. <3 Which I can name a couple people who will be doing that... alot. I am very happy with it so far, and I figure if I get to bored of it (though I don't see how its possible with this car) I can trade it in, in 4 years. Maybe get a used Sky then. (hooray for converatbles!)

So next is the house. Jay says we are closing on the 17th. Ao as long as it doens't get pushed back again we should ebe fine. It makes me ansy but I guess I can wait a little longer. The house is nice though and It looks like I'll have floor to ceiling built in book shelves in which to store my anime/manga/book/movie/game collection. (I hope theres enough room

To the person I talked to the other... other. I <3 you (in a totally plutonic way) And I hope that every thing works out. (How ever it works out) I am here for you and such.

Ah such is the life.



New Car!

Yes I bought a new car. A 2007 Saturn Ion. I get to go pick it up today <3<3<3<3 I'm really excited.
Oh yes much <3<3<3<3 To Satori for the help today. <3



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