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Well now..

Lets try and actully update... o.0

SO yeah new car, Iv had it since noon yesterday. *hearts and start* My mother refers to it as the enterprise cause the Onstar lady sounds like the computer. And It has a car phone so people can call my car. <3 Which I can name a couple people who will be doing that... alot. I am very happy with it so far, and I figure if I get to bored of it (though I don't see how its possible with this car) I can trade it in, in 4 years. Maybe get a used Sky then. (hooray for converatbles!)

So next is the house. Jay says we are closing on the 17th. Ao as long as it doens't get pushed back again we should ebe fine. It makes me ansy but I guess I can wait a little longer. The house is nice though and It looks like I'll have floor to ceiling built in book shelves in which to store my anime/manga/book/movie/game collection. (I hope theres enough room

To the person I talked to the other... other. I <3 you (in a totally plutonic way) And I hope that every thing works out. (How ever it works out) I am here for you and such.

Ah such is the life.

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