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First of all
"SUNNYDELIGHT... it tastes so good.. I almost felt bad about doing it, but then he took a drink and I just smiled"

Ok so only one person will really know what that means. But its been pawing at the back of my head for some time now and <3 it makes me feel all warma nd fuzzy.. ok not really it just makes me laugh.

So I went ahead and called her.

I'm not sure what made me do it... or what I wanted from the whole thing. Maybe I just wanted closer or something I had the perfect speach in my head all planned out.. what I wanted to say, and the questions I wanted to ask. But when I heard her voice I forgot everything. If felt kind of dumb stumbling over my words, cause usually I have plenty to say, especailly when some one has hurt me as bad as she did. Over all it was a good conversation and I'm glad we had it. Its one I had been puttin goff for a long time, I still don't agree with everything she is doing but asleast I don't have that angry knot in my chest anymore. I'm not sure what will come of it, if we can be friends agin but at least its one more thing I don't have to worry about. That thing she is with how ever... well I'm not going to go there.

Arugh, I swaer this drama that I have made a huge effort to stay out of.. ie, changing schools, homes, citys, work, hang outs, what ever. Always seems to fallow me. Even with people I haven't seen or heard from in years. How pathetic must thier lives be to focus that much on what i'm doing? Man their lives must be boring and uneventfull if all they can do it bitch about me. If my life was that dull, I would want to kill myself. ^_^ Thankfully I have a life (and a pretty good one at that) So I can manage to entertain myslef long enough to not gossip and angst over other peoples lives.


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Nov. 16th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
hi, nice redesign love the pink ^_^
Nov. 19th, 2006 11:16 am (UTC)
Sunny D is yummy! :D
Nov. 20th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
Yes.. muhahahahahha yes it is
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