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Oh I don't know

Super busy, fb seems to be the only online site that gets any attention anymore and I use it like a twitter. I can't say I don't have anything to update because I have been extremly busy latly. It just seems like My busy has been mighty dull compaired to what it could be.

Managed to get two new jobs a few months back on the exact same day. I was hired by one over the phone and the other I was hired at the interview which I thought was mighty fine. I love them both cause I get to do all my favorite work related things between the two of them. The down side is there are is a whole new world of angry customers that I was opened up to, which oddly enough has made me a more calm person as a whole.

I feel mighty accomplished now a days which I find to be funny. Mostly because I seem to be accomplishing "adult type things", which I have always displaced my self with often forgetting that I myself am an adult. I find that I never seem to do the things I used to love doing, not because I don't have the time but because I find that I have no burning disire to. My ff.net accoutn has gone stale for years now in the middle of two stories that I had take great pride in back in the day. I get messages now and again from some favoriting me or the story and I rememeber that I never finsihed them. The problem is I am never going to finsih them and I am ok with that. I find now a days I am contented to do "grown up things" and am satisfied by a hard days work. I guess we all have to grow up sometimes.

I bring this up only because I happened to be surffing the web on my break and I stumpled upon an old website I had not seen in years. I read through some of the "updated information" and I found myself saying out loud "hey good for them". I know if it had been a few years back I would have been squirming in my seat or some other uncomfortable position thinking about it and brooding or mulling over all of it, but I find that now I am so content with life and how things have worked out that I can honest to god say "I am very happy for you". I just find it unfortunate that they don't seem to be able to do the same. Ah well to each his own.

Well my lovelies I can saftly say thing will probably be my last post on my beloved LJ. It brings back a lot of memeories having it for so many years. I will remember it and you all fondly.


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Nov. 3rd, 2011 10:52 am (UTC)
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